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UANB bearing Taper roller bearing

Taper roller bearings have tapered cone and cup between which taper rollers are arranged. The extension lines of them intersect at one point of shaft axis; therefore pure rolling on the raceway can be achieved.

Taper roller bearings are separable. Bearing cone (including roller cage and inner ring) and cup (outer ring) can be separated therefore it can be easily assembled on the bearing journal and bearing block.

Taper roller bearings are able to accommodate radial loads unidirectional axial loads and combined loads of radial and axial. The axial load carrying capacity of taper roller bearings is largely determined by the contact angle α which corresponds to the raceway angle of the cup the larger α the higher the axial load carrying capacity.

Generally taper roller bearings does not allow any angle error but the surface of roller and raceway can allow 2′~4′angle error after a special design.

Taper roller bearings have single-row double-row and four-row types. LYC manufactures both metric and inch size taper roller bearings.

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