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China trade volume hit 4.14 trln USD in 2013, up 7%

China’s Ministry of Commerce held its work conference in Beijing today. Minister Gao Hucheng summarized China’s major economic data for 2013.China’s trade volume is estimated to reach 4.14 trillion dollars in 2013, up more than 7 percent from last year.

Trade volume in the services sector surpassed 520 billion dollars.

Retail sales is predicted to reach 23.8 trillion yuan this year, growing more than 13 percent year on year.

Foreign direct investment will reach 117 billion dollars, up around 5 percent.

Gao says that consumption and investment in the services sector are growing quickly.

Chinese outbound investment will reach 88 billion dollars in 2013, up around 15 percent from last year.

Gao says China’s outbound investment will continue to grow --as Chinese companies become more advanced in their technologies and management. He points out the strong demand for investments in infrastructure construction around the world.